Steps "Crying at the Disco" album cover

Steps "Crying at the Disco" album cover

Photo courtesy of Steps' Twitter account / Steps LLC

U.K. pop group Steps released the reissue of the Tears on the Dancefloor album dubbed Crying at the Disco Deluxe Edition on Oct. 27. The comeback record was reloaded with four more dance tracks that delve into deeper shades of blue. The quintet ups the melodrama while fighting off the waterworks under the disco ball. Here's a rundown of what's new on the immaculate pop effort.

"Dancing With a Broken Heart" is a song originally written and recorded by Australian pop goddess Delta Goodrem. Steps takes her track and gives it a disco-fied makeover. The ladies - Claire Richards, Faye Tozer and Lisa Scott-Lee - dig deep and channel their heartbreak into powerful performances while the guys like Ian "H" Watkins get their shine too, including a surprising Daft Punk-like moment from Lee Latchford-Evans.  Steps turns the blues into a fierce club banger on "Broken Heart."

"September Sun" blends Steps' Ace of Base influence with the trop-pop of today, yielding the reissue's freshest track. The five members long for a hot summertime romance that couldn't make it past the season. There's a Latin sound to it as well with Spanish guitar among the synths. Richards leads the pack as she belts, "But just for a moment / Yeah, we had it all / Now it's gone." The band steps into sexier territory while highlighting those classic Steps vibes.

"Beautiful Battlefield" is one of the reissue's lighter moments with Steps getting ready to hit the trenches in a rocky relationship among piano and twinkling synths. Every member heads to the frontline and holds their own on the soaring mid-tempo number. "It's a beautiful battlefield with scars that just need to heal / But when we surrender, we're better than ever," they sing together. It's truly a beautiful song armed with plenty of heart from Steps.

"Fool for You" is the reissue's pop stunner with bombast beats, piano and shimmering strings soundtracking Steps' fragile feelings. The five members get hung up on a lover who is stringing them along with mixed signals. In a rare moment, Scott-Lee leads the group and churns out a sentimental performance. "You come and you dance with me then go and leave and I can't work you out," she sings. It's so easy to fall for Steps' hopelessly fab "Fool."

For those who purchase the digital version of Tears on the Dancefloor: Crying at the Disco Deluxe Edition, they will also receive the cute Christmas song "Dear Santa" and remixes of the singles "Scared of the Dark," "Story of a Heart" and "Neon Blue." On the reissue, Steps lets the tears run over into tragic tunes that translate into more pop triumphs in the band's fantastic comeback.

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