Arizona perform at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday

Arizona perform at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday

Tom Shackleford

Electro-rock band Arizona were in Brooklyn to play at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday night. The young group is currently “on their first real tour” opening up for Kevin Garrett, but for them this night was more of a homecoming show, giving the band a chance to let their guard down while playing in front of friends and mothers in the audience for what was a hometown show for them.

One thing to point out about their performance is that they are young. Their live catalog hasn’t really diversified itself yet, and they spend a little too much time talking in between songs, but their music sounds good. For a band entering the electro-pop realm, that is something that shouldn’t be passed over so easily. There is a very commercial appeal to their music, especially with the very trop heavy sound of songs like “Where I Wanna Be,” and a new song titled “Annie,” which hasn’t been released yet, but should be appearing on their upcoming LP.

Overall their performance was a solid introduction to most fans who probably haven’t heard them yet. The biggest takeaway from seeing them perform in front of a sold out venue was their ability to sound fantastic while also having a looseness about them. Sounding loose and relaxed while playing in front of what was probably the biggest audience they’ve seen up until this point is an aspect of their live show that certainly spreads like a carefree wildfire throughout the audience.They give off more of an electro-pop feel rather than a modern rock vibe, and that’s okay because that electro-pop sound of theirs sounds really, really good.  

People Crying Every Night
Where I Wanna Be
Oceans Away
Let Me Touch Your Fire
Cross My Mind