Review: Elohim brings summer headlining tour to NYC

Review: Elohim brings summer headlining tour to NYC

Photo credit: Chase O'Black, used with permission

When people lined up outside of NYC's Mercury Lounge yesterday, they expected a night filled with dance beats from electronic artist Elohim. They didn't expect to wear a surgical mask for her performance. Before doors opened, black surgical masks with "Hallucinating" on it were given out. By the time the star hit the stage, a good portion of the crowd basically forgot about the additional accessory. That didn't seem to faze the artist, who recently performed two intoxicating sets at Lollapalooza.

Elohim has become one of the most mysterious acts to arrive in the scene in recent years. She tends to hide most of her face at concerts and photo shoots. Many have never heard her actual speaking voice, either. During her set, the computer dished out lines in between songs. As one would expect, her perplexing aura has caused her to gain a rising fanbase online. Her 2016 self-titled EP brought her into the forefront of acts changing the landscape of electronic music.

Arriving on stage in a white hoodie, the artist began her hour long set with the opening song from her EP titled "Sensations." A massive screen in the back with a endless amount of visuals nearly made it impossible to catch the artist, but most people were too busy swaying in the 250 capacity venue to even care. Elohim also displayed her love of hip hop with a handful of mashups. Towards the end of her new single "Sleepy Eyes," the artist broke into a dance routine while Drake's "Controlla" blared over the monitors, and she teamed up her breakout single "Xanax" with Future's cut "Xanny Family" for a sublime collaboration. While her set was predominantly material the EP and its surrounding singles, she did manage to drop some new material in the mix, including the tough as nails thumper "F**k Your Money."

While the curtains were done closing, they're reopened for the cut "Hallucinating," which has the singer crooning the lines "I don't know why that painting's staring back at me/I swear, I think its eyes just moved." When it was all said and done, the artist was quickly whisked off stage as if she was flying across the world for a surprise concert in two hours. That wasn't the case, but she's headed to the Moonrise Festival in Maryland this weekend, and if you want to see more of her, she'll be touring alongside Alison Wonderland this fall.

Opening the evening was fellow Los Angeles based artist Yoshi Flower. Armed with a guitar, the artist delivered some electronic juggernauts of his own ("James Franco", "Brown Paper Bag") with a "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" sample to boot. Much like Elohim, Yoshi Flower has a sense of mystery surrounding them. They have no music posted online (except for whatever live videos you can find) or even a Facebook page filled with updates (they do, however, have an Instagram account). Expect major prosperity for this outfit when they decide to fully make their presence known.