Band members of Small Leaks Sink Ships
Band members of Small Leaks Sink Ships
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Small Leaks Sink Ships released a new album called Face Yourself, and Remove Your Sandals back in February and pretty much established themselves as an excellent experimental rock band with the album. The band that currently resides in Portland, Oregon, do a nice job with their new album, but, at times, it tends to have small boring leaks.

The band consist of London Van Rooy (vocals, drums, samples, and piano), Judd Hancock (vocals, cello, and guitar), Jim Mandel (bass and guitar), and Ryan Garner (guitar and samples). The quartet is made up of good musicians and establishes a great art rock genre with their new album. Still, like the title of the band, small leaks sink ships and this ship has a small leak.

Experimental rock is a flavor that is acquired and this album is made of that flavor. At times, the songs tend to be a little boring. The song “The Devil Is In The Desert” is more like a lullaby than a song. It is a sleeper and has the ability to be that small leak to bring down the whole ship.

Other songs that tend to be sleepers in this album are “Midnight Gin”, “Orchis”, and “Building Blocks.” Although, the last song builds up dynamically and ends up being a likable song. It seems like most of their songs start out really slow and end up with climaxing at the end or towards the end.

Fine, dynamics works great, but, with Face Yourself, and Remove Your Sandals the dynamics are constant and are still on the boring side. The best thing that could be said about Small Leaks Sink Ships is that the title of the band is really cool and that the band would be really cool to watch at a concert, if they play well live, while on mushrooms or some kind of psychedelic enhancer.

The album sounds like it would be a hit with ballerinas on anxiety pills or something like that. The music is crisp and clean, and it is quite something to listen to. However, the new album Face Yourself, and Remove Your Sandals by Small Leaks Sink Ships tends to have a leak that can sink the whole thing. That leak is called “a little boring.”