Review: Matt Koelsch's impresses with 'Thinking of You'
Matt Koelsch

On July 14, singer-songwriter Matt Koelsch released his latest EP, Thinking of You and its one of the season’s most pleasant new releases. The record is a five song meditation on long-distance relationships, nostalgia for times past and the unique blend of anger and humiliation that only come with being on an epically bad date.

As opposed many contemporary troubadours, Koelsch tackles his chosen subject matter in some unexpected ways. His blend indie folk and electronica soundscapes is simply hypnotic. And his lyrical observations about life that are elegiac, joyful and relatedly sullen. As a result of his diverse influences, range and skill, Thinking of You is a rare EP that feels like a full musical experience.

 The effervescent rhythms and soaring vocals of “Perfectly Aligned,” “Thinking of You” and “Take You Away” are fun and wistful in ways that recall the work of Vampire Weekend and Jason Mraz.  The vulnerability and affecting instrumentation of “Incomplete” recalls the Bon Iver’s more soulful tracks. And the lacerating resentment of “Pretty Girls” evidences an intriguing, Death Cab for Cutie-esque darkness that Koelsch would do well to explore on future releases.

Anyone seeking a relaxing, but not insubstantial vacation record would do well to spend time with Thinking of You, which is available to stream here.