Review: Peyton soars to new emotional, uplifting heights with 'Sinners Got Soul Too'
Peyton Used with Permission

Globally-renowned dance music artist Peyton makes a triumphant and bold creative departure with his new album, Sinners Got Soul Too, which is released today across multiple digital platforms. The critically-acclaimed, London and Ibiza-based singer-songwriter has carved out a successful career in the international house/EDM music scene for the past 16 years, gaining exposure and a huge international fan base with a stream of hits, including his UK Top 100 dance track, “A Higher Place.”

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A Los Angeles-based fan asked Peyton to pen a love song and then perform it for his wife at her 50th birthday party and his request unwittingly became a pivotal moment in Peyton’s creative path. As he set out to write what would become a heartfelt, romantic ballad he had no idea that process would set an entire album in motion.

 “The Way I Love You” is track No. 7 on the album. It’s about discovering and cherishing deep, everlasting love. The sweeping chorus proclaims, “You are the angel in my dreams/You are the air I need to breathe/You set lightning to my heart/You are fire in the dark/I’ll spend my whole life loving you/It still won’t be enough when we are through/I’ll never, never, never, never, never love/The way I love you.”

Peyton reconnected with acclaimed British producer James Reynolds (Jessie J, Emelie Sande’, Tinie Tempah) on the track and found it liberating to create something outside of the familiar dance world. The couple, Greg and Jodi, loved the finished song and Peyton was inspired to write more tracks.

In 2016, Peyton competed on “The X Factor UK” and during his stunning “I’ll Rise” audition Simon Cowell compared his gospel-influenced, soulful vocals to Seal. Fans were outraged when his mentor, Sharon Osbourne, sent him home at the Judges’ Houses round. But, his experience, exposure, and positive affirmation he received during his “X Factor” journey fueled him to finish the deeply personal album he had started with that first fan-commissioned ballad.

In a recent AXS interview about the creative process behind the album, Peyton compared making Sinners Got Soul Too to climbing a mountain. He also discussed his desire to maintain his career-long mission to shine a light and elevate spirits with the album. Sinners Got Soul Too definitely succeeds in that quest.

Peyton wrote track No. 5, “Be My Enough” for his husband, Boris and sang it to him as a surprise at their wedding. The stunning ballad is a classic, quintessential wedding song on par with Ed Sheeran’s Grammy-winning song “Thinking Out Loud” and his latest romantic chart-topper “Perfect.” Track 11, “All That Matters” incorporates lush strings against the piano as Peyton contemplates a life-changing love.

The Virginia native preacher’s son’s strong gospel influences shine brightly on "Jericho” as he urges, “Lay down your burdens/Put away your sorrow/The world’s gone crazy/Still, there’s tomorrow.” Positive messages of hope continue to resonate on standout tracks “Carry You” (which debuted on BBC Radio 2 this week) and the anti-bullying anthem “When They Go Low,” which was inspired by Michelle Obama’s empowering National Democratic Convention speech.

Peyton’s raw, soul-stirring vocal gifts are displayed multiple times across these 13 tracks, especially during his moving reprise of his critically-acclaimed “I’ll Rise” “X Factor” audition song, which features Maya Angelou’s beautiful poetic words and again on his haunting cover of Cyndi Lauper’s signature anthem “True Colors.”

In contrast, “All Ways Up” is a vibrant, toe-tapping, feel-good track that spurs you to point your face toward blue sky above and bask in the possibilities of “rewriting” the ending and finding the love that pushes “All ways up, so you’re not looking down.”

Overall, Sinners Got Soul Too asserts itself as a sort of musical beacon, projecting bright beams of sonic and lyrical joy, hope, positivity, and light. Collectively, the album dares to stand out as something different, that fills a genre-bending void in the current music landscape, reminiscent of when George Michael blasted onto the scene and grabbed everyone’s attention in 1987 with his defiantly delicious Grammy-winning album “Faith.”

 Sinners Got Soul Too ultimately marks a lyrical, musical, and spiritual evolution for a beloved house music veteran. Peyton soars to new creative heights as he takes a bold leap off the dance floor and outside of genre boundaries. More importantly, he stands confidently poised on the cusp of a new, empowering music horizon with an important message of hope that prompts us to sit up, pay attention and sing along.

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