Review: The Beach Boys' '1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow' is as confusing as the original albums

The Beach Boys' Wild Honey and Smiley Smile albums are two of the most disjointed albums in the group's discography. Both followed the disastrous non-release of Smile as the group tried to step back a little and get their creative spirits back together.

Many of the results are featured in “1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow,” a new two-disc set by the group released on CD on June 30. The set includes the first-ever stereo mix of the Wild Honey album and 54 unreleased 1967 studio sessions from sessions for both Wild Honey and Smiley Smile, plus several live recordings from the period, including the Lei'd In Hawaii live album,

The Wild Honey stereo mixes and the live songs are really the secondary attraction here. It's the unreleased sessions that are the most interesting in the set. And there are a few interesting moments, such as the vocalizing on “I Was Made To Love Here” from disc one. But as the songs on these albums were not as focused as those on Pet Sounds, it's hard to be very enthusiastic. And the live songs from 1967, some of their earliest hits like “Surfer Girl,” sound out of place. And one has to wonder why the studio version of Smiley Smile wasn't also included, even though a stereo mix was done in 2012.

So there's little here to recommend to casual listeners, though certainly Beach Boys diehards will be attracted to it. The booklet with the CD does include recent quotes from Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and Mike Love. A vinyl version that includes the stereo Wild Honey mixes will be released July 21. An SHM audio CD version is also to be released.