'Rick and Morty' introduce Logic's schwifty new mixtape 'Bobby Tarantino II' (watch)

Self-proclaimed sci-fi fan Logic recently appeared on Adult Swim’s cult hit "Rick and Morty" where the cartoon Logic rapped a few bars from a song written for the show. Now, Rick and Morty have returned the favor by announcing Logic’s new mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II, which arrived on Friday (March 9). 

In the video clip, Morty asks Rick if he can pick some music as the two fly in “Grandpa’s Spaceship,” to which Rick replies--in true Rick fashion--that Morty can pick music only if he has the “mental capacity” to pick something that Rick would approve of. When Morty suggests Logic, Rick launches into one of his characteristic tirades where he makes the interesting distinction between “album Logic” and “mixtape Logic.”

In a hilarious bit of self-deprecating humor, Rick says to Morty that he’s “in the mood to turn some shit up” and not “in the mood for a message about how I can be whatever I want.” But words don’t really do the cilp justice. Check out the Bobby Tarantino II announcement featuring Rick and Morty above.

Bobby Tarantino II is out now. You can stream the mixtape--which includes the Rick and Morty sketch--below. The mixtape also includes the previously released tracks "44 More," "Overnight" and "Everyday."