Rihanna speaks of new music with Instagram fan, 2018 documentary brewing
Lenn Beauty / YouTube

It has been well over two years since Rihanna released new music. That was when the star released her Anti album, which hit the top of the Billboard 200 charts and went triple-platinum. While she has worked with some other musical talents since then, including Kendrick Lamar and DJ Khaled, many fans wondered when she would release her next album.

When a fan asked on social media when there would be new music, Rihanna actually responded. According to Rihanna, she is working on music while also maintaining her makeup, lingerie and film projects. The woman is about business. She finished by saying that when the music is ready, it will be here, but not today according to New Music Express. 

The even bigger news is that there is a Rihanna documentary coming. Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) according to New Music Express. The producer says that his documentary that he has talked about since 2015 could hit theaters as soon as the end of the year. According to Berg, the documentary will give fans an unfiltered look at the life of the singer.

Peter Berg also happens to be the film director that gave Rihanna her first movie role with an appearance in his movie Battleship.