Riot Games partners with Marvel to introduce League of Legends comic series
Riot Games/YouTube

Riot Games recently revealed its partnership with Marvel to introduce a new era to the League of Legends comics. In the most recent edition of Dev Diary, the Head of Creative Development at Riot Games Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street further expanded on the collaboration and what fans of the game can expect from the future.

The upcoming comics will be lengthier than previous comics released by the game's developer and will feature a different art style. These new comics will be less about promoting character releases and more about expanding and enriching the current lore surrounding the League of Legends universe.

Riot Games plans on a regular release schedule with multiple series releasing monthly. Three series are already in the works, with the first to be released Dec. 19 of this year. Titled “Ashe: Warmother,” the first series will follow one of the game’s most prominent characters, Ashe, as she ventures out on a quest and changes the fate of Runeterra.

With this partnership, Riot Games will be releasing both physical and digital copies of the comics for purchase towards the end of 2019. Fans of the game will be able to read the comics for free six months after their initial releases.