Riot Games releases “Awaken” cinematic and song ahead of 2019 ranked season
Riot Games/YouTube

Riot Games added another epic cinematic trailer to its list with Monday’s release of “Awaken” in anticipation for the upcoming League of Legends ranked season.

Titled “Awaken,” the cinematic animates a number of League of Legends champions as they go toe-to-toe in a theater, a fighting arena, and an Ionian battlefield. Among the characters featured in the video are Camille, Yasuo, Jhin, Sion, Irelia, Kennen, and Riven.

The video is accompanied by a song also titled “Awaken,” produced by the Riot Music Team and featuring vocalist Valerie Broussard and violinist Ray Chen.

The 2019 ranked season begins Jan. 23 and will bring with it a few changes to the current ranked system, including two new tiers and user interface adjustments in the post-game lobby to help players see where they stand on their ranked climb.

The professional League of Legends scene has officially returned with the League of Legends European Championship having kicked off Jan. 18. The League of Legends Championship Series in North American will be the last of the major competitive regions to commence and will start Jan. 26.