Riot Games releases first League of Legends comic in partnership with Marvel
Riot Games/YouTube

‘Tis the season to curl up in bed with a cup of cocoa and comic book, and League of Legends fans are doing just that following the release of Riot Games' latest comic series.

Riot Games released the first of four issues Wednesday for its comic series “Ashe: Warmother,” which illustrates League of Legends champion Ashe as she journeys across Runeterra with her tribe. The following issues in the series will continue the story as to how the Freljord hero steps into her role as her tribe’s leader and will be released Jan. 16, Feb. 20, and March 20.

This series is only the first of many to be created by Riot Games in its collaboration with Marvel. The League of Legends developer previously revealed its partnership with Marvel in a Dev Diaries video, detailing the release schedule for the next year. It was also revealed that fans will be able to purchase physical copies of their favorite comics by the end of 2019.

The other series' titles and synopses have yet to be revealed but will follow a similar design as "Ashe: Warmother" to expand upon the current lore surrounding the League of Legends universe.