Rob Williams premiere's single 'Icarus Dreamt'
Vivian Wang

Virginia-native Rob Williams is debuting his new single "Icarus Dreamt" exclusively with AXS featured on his upcoming album An Hour Before Daylight, available everywhere on Oct. 27. Being inspired by the Icarus story, Williams tells AXS that "there is a Jack Gilbert poem called 'Failing and Flying.' In i, he writes that people forget that Icarus flew.  We remember from mythology that Icarus fell, but Gilbert reminds us that in order to fall to his demise, he had to first fly. The concept for this song is derived from the poem (which goes on about a relationship), but my character in the song is reflecting on his life and summoning having the courage to realize his dreams, even if only for a moment. Our choice is to keep our dreams as dreams or to turn them into realities.This song celebrates the latter. As Gilbert would say, failing only means coming to the end of success."

As noted in his press biography, Williams holds a doctorate in educational leadership, and he utilizes his teaching skills with similar themes of creativity and success in his music. His impending album is independently self-released by him. With "Icarus Dreamt" he explains to AXS that the song encourages listeners "to have the courage to realize one’s dreams or potential. The Icarus character in the song dreamt of flying to see the world that was out there, and he did it.  Even though others may have shared those dreams, they didn’t believe it was possible, so they didn’t try. "

Williams will also be on tour this fall supporting An Hour Before Daylight

Stream "Icarus Dreamt" in the music box below, and find out more about Rob Williams, his music, and tour dates by visiting his website