Rock and Roll Road Trip: Sammy Hagar visits Toby Keith

Rock 'n' Roll has a new home with a new platform in addition to radio.

Sammy Hagar is a rock music legend taking rock to a new level as host of “Rock and Roll Road Trip” which launched its second season on AXS TV this Spring. Hagar is a celebrity frontman known for his high energy performances leading top rock bands including Montrose and Van Halen. Season two launched during the Spring of 2017 attracting music fans as Hagar takes viewers behind the scenes with other music stars.

One of the popular interviews in Season 2 took place with Hagar visiting the expansive Oklahoma ranch of country music star, Toby Keith. Good friends off camera, Hagar and Keith spent time on the picturesque grounds of his ranch with Hagar shooting the breeze asking questions that fans want to know about him. Hagar asked Keith if he is a democrat or republican. Keith smiles and replies simply that he is Big Dog Daddy and he does what he wants to do. They also shoot the breeze on songwriting and the stories behind some of Keith’s popular songs.

Check out the video clip of their engaging interview and be sure to tune in to AXS TV for the full episode.