‘Rock under the Stars with Don Henley and Friends’ brings Hollywood legends together for a good cause

Don Henley has had a busy week. The inaugural Classic West festival took place in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium over the weekend gifting fans with a lineup of artists that would make any concertgoer cry tears of joy. On their first stop of the East-West show, The Eagles took to the stage on Saturday night with Deacon Frey, Vince Gill and Bob Seger, leaving fans with an emotional performance that brought down the house.

So, on Monday, July 17, when Henley put on a private concert for a few of his very famous friends, all for a very good cause, it’s not surprising that Hollywood’s royalty showed up to lend a hand faster than a “New York Minute.” As founder of The Walden Woods Project, a nonprofit that protects the land and work of Henry David Thoreau, the Grammy-winner has been dedicated to preserving the environment for years. Teaming up with Oceana, the largest international organization committed solely to ocean conservation to present “Rock under the Stars with Don Henley and Friends,” assembled some amazing forces of good all for one unforgettable night.

“I first got involved with Oceana because of Ted Danson and Keith Addis [co-founder of Industry Entertainment],” Sam Waterston told AXS on the blue carpet. “But the reason it sticks with me is because it’s so damn good at what it does. It’s well within our ability to get smart,” he added. “It’s what Oceana advocates for and it just keeps on winning.”

“It certainly starts with the ocean but it extends to any and all parts of the environment,” Dean Norris pointed out. “It’s fantastic that they’ve done so well and have grown this charity and have done so many good things.” The “Breaking Bad” star shared that the evening would mark his very-first Don Henley experience. “The Eagles were as much a part of my life musically as any band could be. For me, they were it. I still have my Hotel California record,” he told AXS. “That poster that came with it was one of the first on my wall.”

The night, of course, was filled with some remarkable moments. Henley and his 15-member band played for a guest list that along with Waterston and Norris included Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Bridget Norris, Dylan McDermott, Bill Murray, Brooklyn Decker, Kelly Lynch, Anjelica Huston, Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Jackson Browne, Mitch Glazer, Sharon Lawrence, William Jackson Harper, Ed Begley jr., Rachelle Carson, Linda Guber, and Tony Thomopulos.

Classic East hits Citi Field on July 29. For the latest on Don Henley, you can head to his website.