Rockfest 2016 survival guide

Rockfest in Kansas City is an all day musical extravaganza that will provide a solid 12 hours of melt your face off rock. The long running festival has been bringing some of the best rock acts to Missouri since 1992, and last year over 50,000 fans mobbed to Liberty Memorial for the event. Beyond the music, there are many ways to enjoy the annual event, including getting hitched (if that's your thing.) Before heading to the the venue on May 14, read through this survival guide to ensure you get the most of your Rockfest experience.

Pack appropriately

The weather in Missouri can be a bit unpredictable this time of year, but the forecast anticipates high seventies with a slight chance of rain, so being prepared is essential. Because you'll be under the sun for the majority of the day, plan on wearing a hat or sunscreen unless you enjoy peeling off your blistering skin for the next week. Also, bring a factory sealed water bottle, but only one (and make sure it's under 24 ounces), there will be refill stations throughout the venue. Umbrellas aren't allowed at Rockfest, so don't bother with one, instead bring a hoodie or windbreaker to ensure you won't be miserable if the sky does decide to open up. Brush up on other essential information, so you're in the know.

Timing is everything

The performance schedule has been posted and the event planners have done a great job ensuring that there is at least twenty minutes gap between each act on the opposing stages. This makes it possible for diligent fans to catch a few minutes of every single band on the bill. Before hitting Liberty Memorial, pen up an itinerary to ensure that you won't miss who you're there to see. Beyond the bill, the autograph tent has also posted its schedule, so if you wanna grab a signature for Sevendust, you can do so at 2-2:30 p.m. before seeing them in action at 3:45 p.m. (as well as most of the other big name acts). Be sure to check out the Jägermeister Stage to see the up-and-coming, voter-selected, unsigned bands. There's sure to be a lot of unsung talent that will be worth catching.

Parking for all

Parking is plentiful throughout the area, but the closest lots will fill up fast. ADA parking is closest to the venue, check out a parking map to find a lot that will work best for your needs. Rockfest 2016 is sponsored by Worth Harley-Davidson, and they are offering 250 free motorcycle parking spaces. Rockfest only asks that motorcycle club members leave their colors at home or on their bike.

Accept no imitations

Rockfest is a general admission event, meaning there are no VIP passes available for purchase. The only way to get into the festival is to purchase a ticket via AXS. However, Bud Light is running a “Best Seats” contest for some highly coveted side stage passes, but those will be given out to lucky fans who win the contest. See entry details here. Any other sites or scalpers selling VIP tickets are dishonest. Don't be fooled, get your tickets from AXS instead.

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