Roosevelt announces sophomore album, shares lead single ‘Under The Sun’

German electronic chillwave singer and guitarist Roosevelt has announced his follow-up studio effort to his 2016 self-titled debut. The singer, whose real name is Marius Lauber, took to his social media early Wednesday morning to reveal that his second album, to be titled Young Romance, is set to arrive three months from tomorrow (Thursday) on Sept. 28 via Greco-Roman and City Slang Records. Lauber also shared the lead single set to appear on Young Romance, with an instantly refreshing, summer-sounding dance track titled “Under The Sun,” which can be heard in full above.

Roosevelt blew onto the scene a few years ago when his debut album caught the attention of blogs and media outlets thanks to its warm and disco-friendly jungle beats, which fans have come to enjoy as the core of his signature sound. Roosevelt's music is full of lush instrumentation with plenty of tones and a touch of simplicity that could make the listener feel like they’re at a Brooklyn warehouse party or Ibiza house club. The world of electronic-based, synth-pop has certainly become flooded by DIY producers over the last few years, but Lauber’s rich use of guitars and other exotic sounding instrumentation has kept his music fresh and well apart from the pack. He’s clearly kept those themes going on his new single, which will surely be followed by some fantastic remixes.

Roosevelt last performed in the United States around a year ago this past summer, and although he doesn’t have any North American concerts announced in his schedule as of Wednesday, fans should assume that he’ll be sharing his global touring plans very soon as he begins the start of another album campaign. Although he’s relatively new in terms of popularity within the indie-electronic scene, Roosevelt has been working on developing his sound over the last decade. Fans can tune into the semi-psychedelic video below for one of his earlier songs, “Montreal,” in all its grainy synthpop glory.