Russ Davies is Abakus

Abakus is a solo music project performed by artist Russ Davies. It’s an alternative electronica sound with plenty of nostalgic overtones.

Russ Davies released That Much Closer to the Sun, his first album as Abakus, in 2004, to a great deal of acclaim. Over 203 reviews, it had an average score of 4.5/5—an incredible rating for an up and coming label. That Much Closer to the Sun is known as being one of the best albums released on Liquid Sound Design to that point. The album’s carefree attitude, which hearkens back to summers when there was nothing to be dealt with but lounging in the sun, attracted many fans and a great deal of appreciation from listeners and critics alike. Following the release of That Much Closer to the Sun, Davies went on tour as Abakus to support the album. His gigs were primarily in the United Kingdom, but extended abroad, as well. By 2005, Davies was playing across the globe, including gigs in both Russia and Japan.

In 2008, Abakus was back in the recording studio. We Share the Same Dreams was released under the label of Davies’ own company, Modus Records. We Share the Same Dreams gave a nod to the past, and while it hadn’t completely embraced modern music, that nostalgic nod gave it most of its success.

Following We Share the Same Dreams, Davies moved on to other projects, but that didn't mean that he was leaving Abakus behind. Davies has continued to release new music as Abakus, and the music keeps on coming. On February 24, 2015, however, Abakus will come roaring back with the release of a new dual single, a teaser for Abakus Album. The two songs set to be released are “The Beginning” and “Dreamer.” Abakus is still pushing the creative envelope of the dance scene, with subtle melodies and an incredible drumline. Abakus maintains the ability to change the entire mood of a room with the tweak of a knob or the press of a button, and as this latest release roars onto the music scene, he's doing it one more time.