Say Anything release details on upcoming album, 'Oliver Appropriate'
YouTube/Dine Alone Records

After a brief hiatus, Say Anything is coming back with a brand new album.

That was the news following band leader’s Max Bemis letter addressing the fans about the future of the band, and fans are certainly stoked about the new LP. Titled Oliver Appropriate, it’s is the sequel to …. Is A Real Boy, according to Loudwire. Is A Real Boy was the band’s second LP,  and it was the album that broke the band out into the mainstream.

So, it would be natural for Say Anything to have a sequel to that legendary LP, and the band has released even more details about the album. The album cover has the drawing of a boy, who is sitting behind a white wall with what appears to be blood spatter beside him.

In addition to the cover art, the band also released the track order (which will be listed below), and two singles ahead of the album’s release, “Pink Snot” and “Daze.” Both of those singles carry the traditional Say Anything sound, and it will certainly get fans ready for the release of the full album.

Check out the singles “Pink Snot” (above) and “Daze” (below), and look out for Oliver Appropriate to be released on Jan. 25.

Oliver Appropriate Track List

“The Band Fuel”
“Pink Snot”
“Ew Jersey”
“When I’m Acid”
“Captive Audience”
“Your Father”
“Send You Off”
“It’s A Process”
“The Hardest”