Exclusive Premiere: Get ready for Thanksgiving with Dre Towey's 'Turkey Bop'
Dre Towey

Earlier this month, Dre Towey dropped her latest album, In a Pickle, which focuses on smart food choices for families. The fun-filled release includes classic food songs like “Day O” and “On top of Spaghetti” and offers new favorites like “You Are What You Eat.” Also, just in time for Thanksgiving, she included a song dedicated to the star of the show with “Turkey Bop,” the new video for which you can watch above exclusively on AXS.

The song sets the stage – or the table if you will – for a Thanksgiving sing-along that will have the whole family gobble-gobbling together. “All the children at the table/Now it's time to give our thanks,” Towey sings on the infectious tune. The traditional rockabilly rhythm of “Turkey Bop” makes you want to get up and dance, a perfect post-feast activity to burn some collective calories with your loved ones.

“I just finished the mastering of my new family CD, In a Pickle, and as I am listening to the recordings it occurs to me that people may be wondering why I decided to make a CD about food for children,” Towey wrote in a recent blog post. “For some strange reason, children and food always landed on the same plate for me. Have you ever found yourself loving something so much that you wanted to devour it? Similar to a hamster I guess. No, no, I don’t actually want to gobble up my young but when you really look at your children and really listen, I think of that as consumption...devouring their words, their actions, their innocence and silliness. It’s all so yummy.”

In a Pickle, Towey's fifth studio album, features 15 food inspired songs that will inspire kids of all ages to enjoy eating healthy, delicious meals. Her fun style, a mix of originality with a pinch of Brandi Carlile and a sprinkling of Shel Silverstein, welcomes listeners into her fun, positive world. The release was produced by Grammy-winner Dean Jones of Dog on Fleas, who also plays several instruments on the album. Chris Cullo and John Hughes join Towey and Jones to provide all of the vocals and instrumentation on In a Pickle.

Back in 1998, Towey first began her music career as a writer and illustrator. She went on to record her first solo album in 2003 and has received three Parents' Choice Awards for her family friendly fare. She was also chosen as a finalist by The John Lennon Songwriting Awards and as an IMA nominee.

Check out the lyric video for “Turkey Bop,” exclusively on AXS, above and click here to learn more about Towey's musical endeavors. Keep reading AXS for more music news, reviews and tour announcements and have a Happy Thanksgiving!