Seal appears in hilarious promo for Discovery Channel's Shark Week

If you’ve ever watched Shark Week, Discovery Channel’s long-running shark extravaganza, then you know that the great white shark’s favorite food is seal. If you’ve ever heard such hits as “Kiss From a Rose” or “Crazy,” then you know that Seal (with a capital “S”) is one of England’s most well-known and beloved R&B singers. But no matter how successful or beloved the artist may be, it’s still a bad week to be a seal, or a Seal for that matter.

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In a hilarious new promo video for Shark Week, Seal sings his aforementioned 1994 hit, “Kiss From a Rose,” to an adoring crowd on a dock near the ocean. Just as a fan hands him a rose, Seal finds out why it’s a bad week to be seal. Perhaps he should have sung “Fly Like an Eagle” instead. You can watch the clever Shark Week promo above. Shark Week begins Sunday, July 23 on Discovery Channel.

Seal will be performing at the picturesque Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California on Aug. 17. Click here to find tickets on AXS.