Sean Lennon and Les Claypool announce sophomore Claypool Lennon Delirium LP with new single

Rock guitarist Sean Lennon and Primus bassist/singer Les Claypool have announced their follow-up studio album to 2015’s Monolith of Phobos as The Claypool Lennon Delirium. The two musicians will continue their collaborative quest by bringing more brilliant psychedelia to the masses when their new project titled South of Reality arrives early next year on Feb. 22 via ATO Records. Pitchfork announced the album news on Tuesday morning, in addition to helping to share the lead single from the forthcoming album with a weirdly fun 6:30 minute track titled, “Blood And Rockets.”

The full title of the track is actually “Blood And Rockets: Movement I, Saga Of Jack Parsons - Movement II, Too The Moon,” but realistically, no one’s got time for that. The new single can be heard in full in the audio-only video above.

If “Blood And Rockets” is any indication for what the two talented musicians have planned for their new nine-track album, fans should be pretty excited for another wild trip through psychedelic melodies and mind-bending instrumentation. The band is currently scheduled to perform at California’s Hangtown Music Festival later this month, and fans should expect to see more concert dates announced as the New Year and new album cycle draws closer. According to the album’s page on ATO Records' website, South of Reality was co-produced by both Lennon and Claypool and mixed at the latter’s Rancho Relaxo studio in California.

“Claypool Lennon Delirium’s epic sophomore album might be just the antidote this sick world needs,” a statement reads on the website. “Music so potent it could repel an asteroid impact from space, these seasoned warriors of psychedelia have crafted timeless songs that may as well be chiseled in stone.”

The duo’s debut album was a masterpiece of two different musical worlds coming together. Claypool’s mesmerizing and complicated bass lines to go with his trademark nasally vocals meshed perfectly with Lennon’s dreamy and equally impressive guitar work. Looking back at the album, one can only sit back and appreciate the universe bringing the two worlds together thanks to a shared love of melodic and lyrical weirdness.

South of Reality Tracklisting: 
1. "Little Fishes"
2. "Blood And Rockets: Movement I, Saga of Jack Parsons - Movement II, Too The Moon"
3. "South Of Reality"
4. "Boriska" 
5. "Easily Charmed By Fools" 
6. "Amethyst Realm"
7. "Toady Man's Hour"
8. "Cricket Chronicles Revisited: Part I, Ask Your Doctor - Part II, Psyde Effects"
9. "Like Fleas"