Seasonal Beast premiere new single, 'Dry Bones,' debut album out in October
Seasonal Beast

Seasonal Beast features lead singer Yuli Beeri, keyboardist Yuval Semo, Johnathan Levi on bass, Stefano Baldasaroni Dan Brantrigan on trumpet and EVI, and Alon Albagli on guitar. Semo decided that after pursuing a variety of artistic outlets, mostly film because of his dream of becoming a great director, that music was more of the route that he needed to go. Later, Semo decided, after watching his final thesis film, that he was not cut out for a director's chair and that the original soundtrack he composed playing the piano to go along with his "bad" film was much, much better. 

After serving a stint in the Israeli army, Semo then decided to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston and study film scoring. It was there his talent flourished and was noticed, having received several scholarships and awards. When he moved to NYC, he began working as a composer and arranger for films and commercials. He began writing string arrangements for music artists like Sonia Kitchell, Kaki King and The Mountain Goats, and Semo ended up going on tour with King and The Mountain Goats. 

While making a living as a working musician, Semo decided to write songs and produce them himself, and started involving other people in his productions, including singer Yuli Beeri. After struggling with anxiety to decide whether or not to pursue his music with a live audience, Seasonal Beast was formed. His first show was at the end of 2013 to a large audience, and after tweaking a few things here and there, Semo will debut Seasonal Beast's first album, due out this fall in October.

In an exclusive single premiere with AXS, Seasonal Beast is streaming their new single, "Dry Bones" in the music player below. Semo explains to AXS, "that this break up song, to me, is about dealing, or maybe not dealing with old pains from previous relationships. In the process of getting over a hard breakup, there is a moment that you meet somebody new that makes you feel something that you thought you were incapable of feeling again, but when this ends up not really working, it echoes some old pains and resurfacing the old stuff that you didn’t necessarily finish processing. This song was written during one of those emotional turmoils." 

"Dry Bones" also features Sasha Daniel as the lead vocalist.