Shakira turns heads with skimpy dress and boots

Shakira recently turned heads when she wore a skimpy outfit that looked as though it was about to fall off of her. According to a March 21 report by E! Online, the singer and new mother was recently spotted wearing a dress that seemed to be made out of nothing more than three leg warmers.

The singer looked as good as ever in the dress. However, the outfit was panned by critics for the inclusions of thigh high boots. According to E! Online fashion critics, the boots made the overall outfit appear “tacky”.

While Shakira’s outfit may have been panned by fashion critics, the singer is experiencing a rebirth of her career. In addition to releasing her tenth studio album, Shakira is also one of the most popular judges NBC’s “The Voice”. All things considered, it seems that Shakira can more than withstand this minor fashion faux pas.