She & Him release official music video for 'Christmas Memories'

The musical duo She & Him are getting into the holiday spirit. Today they released an official music video for their cover of the holiday song, "Christmas Memories." The video was directed by WATTS, and it does not feature Zooey Deschanel or M. Ward. Instead, it stars Jenna Watt and Alasdair Martin.

She & Him's "Christmas Memories" music video is a combination of live action, and stop motion animation. The storyline revolves around a Christmas tree that comes alive and goes rouge. The video begins with a worker hauling away trees that did not sell. As he throws one into his truck the tree becomes alive, and the truck suddenly drives away.

The tree arrives at a neighborhood and goes from home to home looking into windows. The worker finally finds the tree, and hauls it back to the dump yard. As the tree is waiting to be chopped up, it suddenly tackles the worker and runs away. In the end, the tree escapes and eventually finds a family that uses it as a Christmas tree. 

The song "Christmas Memories" is featured on She & Him's latest holiday album, Christmas Party. That album was released this past October via Columbia Records. It was the first holiday album the duo had released since 2011's A Very She & Him Christmas