Sheryl Crow details what will be her final full album release in 2019

Over the past few weeks, Sheryl Crow has shared a bill with Robert Plant, performed at the U.K.’s Isle of Wight Festival and debuted a brand new single with contributions from St. Vincent. Crow continued her summer campaign last week when spoke about her upcoming album plans with WFPK Radio DJ Kyle Meredith in a phone interview, where she detailed what other big names fans can expect to hear on her next album, following up 2017’s Be Myself.

In the interview, which can be heard in full above, Crow opens up by discussing her admiration for St. Vincent’s Annie Clark and how she ended up on her new single, “Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You.” Meredith then goes on to inquire on Crow’s past few singles which arrived sans record label, and the veteran singer/guitarist explains how she plans on approaching her recorded music going forward in an era where album sales really don’t stand for much anymore.

“We’re having a great experience with this company called Stem,” she mentioned. Stem is a new distribution payment system that any artist can use to release music without losing any creative or financial control of their work. “I’ve got this record in the can that is going to come out next year, and it’s a very collaborative record with people I’ve asked to collaborate with me and people I love and who have been heroes of mine forever.”

Those “people” Crow references include Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, Eagles members Joe Walsh and Don Henley, and even the late Johnny Cash.

“I think that albums as an art form are kind of a little bit of a dying art - people are more interested in singles," Crow continued in saying. "So I sort of made the decision in my head that the record that comes out next year will be my last full album and I’ll just start putting songs out, and that feels good to me.”

Crow didn’t provide many more details on the album other than the fact that it will be arriving sometime in 2019.