Sierra Blanca gives an 'Honorable Mention' with preview of new EP

Sierra Blanca is the creative moniker musician Jethro Gaglione uses to channel his writing and making music. He is self-taught and got his start playing in the worship group for his parent's missionary team in Mexico. This also had him traveling all over the country with his parents while they lived in old, re-purposed school buses and put up tents for their church meetings. 

Currently splitting his time in Nashville, Tenn. and El Paso, Texas, Sierra Blanca will release his new EP, Honorable Mention, which features themes that are important to him. These include socio-political topics such as disappointment in government, state and country, and other themes focus on humanistic behavior that we can all relate to such as chasing one's goal, along with finding contentment. Sierra Blanca has a variety of genre influences, indicative of indie, folk and pop, and has been compared to such fellow folk artists like David Ramirez and indie-pop group Death Cab for Cutie

When asked what Honorable Mention means to him, he explains to AXS that this EP "was definitely new territory for me. I wrote most of it while immersing myself in the Nashville singer/songwriter scene and experiencing a new chapter of my life. The name comes from the idea of being a musician and traveler, and being in it for the long run. There's never one clear moment or victory that validates what you do, it's more of a series of "honorable mentions," in the sense that embracing the lifestyle and doing it because you love doing it is what keeps you in it. It's slow progress and growth." 

Honorable Mention will be available digitally everywhere on Nov.10.