Silva says he won't shake Sonnen's hand after Bellator NYC fight
Video by Bellator

During the "Bellator NYC" pre-fight press conference, legendary MMA reporter Phoenix Carvevale asked Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva if their long-running feud will be squashed once their June 24 bout at Madison Square Garden is in the books.

"The American Gangster" Sonnen didn't provide a solid answer, saying he wasn't sure if competition will bring out some camaraderie between the men. He seemed open to extending a hand to the man he has openly feuded with for years on end.

As for Silva, he seemed much more opposed to the idea -- far more certain that locking horns inside a cage would do nothing to end the feud. The Brazilian told Carnevale that he definitely will not be shaking Sonnen's hand after the fight is over. 

But no one can say for sure if it's all WWE-style theatrics, or if there's a true hatred brewing. As the story goes, the drama between Sonnen and Silva dates back to their UFC days -- when both were coaches on the "TUF" reality show. The men were supposed to fight each other at the end of the "Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3" season, but the fight never ended up happening due to a number of reasons.

The feud escalated to new heights after UFC cameras caught Sonnen and Silva getting into a physical altercation. Sonnen says the light heavyweight legend also jumped him on the streets of Brazil, in front of his wife.

The men will get to settle the score on June 24 at Madison Square Garden, inside the Bellator MMA cage.