Singer-songwriter Eddy Mann announces release date for 'RE: Prize'
video courtesy of MTS management, used with permission

After launching his last record, Dig Love, Philly-centered singer-songwriter and worship leader, Eddy Mann, highlighted his contagious mix of inspiring and people songs. The record received stereo air play, creating the No 1. Soft Hits charting single and Best 30 Gen2Radio air play chart hit for his song, "You, You Make Me Feel."

Today, MTS Management and Mann are pleased to announce pre-sale launch times for the newest launch of Eddy, a set of previously released praise tunes that have been repackaged in a brand new collection called, R E: Prize. Pre Sale for the record is July 9, 2016, with the established world-wide launch date of September 6. R E: Prize will become available on all iTunes and all on-line music stores.

R E: Prize features 12  remixes and mastered songs co-produced by Indie Productions and Mann on his records, Who We Have Been, Some Thing Gorgeous and The A Dozen. All songs of this new release have been co-written by Mann and feature the best artists on the market.

"As recent years have rolled by and a few records have gratefully sold out of stock, many people have requested songs that were not available in CD form. And so after much prayer comes the rebirth of Re:Prize. Thank You - to my Gracious God, who continues to allow me to live out my passion to create; who lovingly continues to use me in His kingdom; and who continues to pour out His never ending love on me. And to my wife and daughter who accept my long hours away from them, and who have endured the hardship of hearing new songs grow, along with the sometimes relentless studio re-takes. Thanks also to each and every person featured on these tracks. You gave up a piece of yourself to the creative process and for that, I am forever thankful. I freely confess - I'm a blessed Mann!" said Eddy Mann about the upcoming release of Re: Prize.

To see a preview of the tracks on Re: Prize, go to Eddy Mann's YouTube page here.

A praise leader for years, it had been two decades past that Mann made his choice to offer his innovative gifts to the church. Mann has since launched seven records as well as countless songs that were written for the church in particular. In-demand and a determined artist, Eddy works a tirelessly while performing at coffeehouses, concert venues, workshops and worship events.

For more information about Eddy Mann, visit his website here.