Ski and snowboard playlist: The best songs to listen to on the mountain
The Weeknd/YouTube

It’s that magical time of year in Colorado; the flurries are flying and the slopes are open. Every year millions of skiers and snowboarders from Colorado, the U.S. and all over the world hit the slopes in the Centennial State. Snowboarding is an experience, and a big part of that experience for many skiers and riders is listening to music. There’s nothing like carving down a mountain in fresh powder to some awe-inspiring EDM or bouncing down the hill to some head-bobbing hip-hop. It’s also fun to shred down the slopes to a punchy punk song.

Here at AXS, we decided to put together an eclectic ski/snowboard playlist that aims to enhance your winter sports experience. So strap on your skis or snowboard, throw on your favorite headphones and get ready to rock out on the slopes this season. Here are some of our favorite songs to listen to on the mountain. Click on the song links to listen to the tunes on YouTube.

1. Sex Pistols - “Anarchy in the U.K.”
Colorado is pretty far from the U.K., but if you’ve ever headed up the hill on a weekend in can feel like anarchy. The song is the debut single from the punk pioneers. It was also ranked #56 in Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

2. Kid Cudi - “Pursuit of Happiness”
For many skiers and riders the pursuit of happiness entails chasing those big powder days. This Kid Cudi collaboration--with Ratatat and MGMT--from the rapper’s groundbreaking 2009 debut album Man on the Moon: End of Day has a little something for everybody who hits the slopes.

3. Phish - “Divided Sky”
This live version of Phish’s “Divided Sky”--from the Vermont jamband’s 2011 NYE run--off of the their 1988 debut album, Junta, is over 16 minutes long. For some that may encompass a whole run! “Divided Sky” is also one of those songs that perfectly compliments the mountain environment. (Side Note: The Spotify version below is from Phish's 2016 NYE run).

4. OutKast - “So Fresh, So Clean”
Speaking of complimenting the mountain environment, there’s nothing more fresh and more clean than newly fallen snow. The OutKast song from their 2000 album Stankonia also has a great beat to carve to and quite frankly makes you feel pretty cool as you bob and weave down the mountain.

5. The Byrds - “Eight Miles High”
Okay, so you might not think of 60s folk rock band The Byrds when you’re headed up to the mountains but “Eight Miles High” not only fits in with the Rocky Mountain theme, but it’s also a great track to ride to. The song’s beat alternates from bounding to loping and it’s psychedelic feel certainly enhances the beautiful nature around you.

6. The Weeknd - “Can’t Feel My Face”
“I can’t feel my face” is something you hear on the mountain a lot. True snow junkies will hit the slopes no matter how cold it is. But this dance number from The Weeknd will certainly warm you up.

7. David Bowie - “Girl Loves Me”
Off of Bowie’s amazing final album, 2016’s Blackstar, “Girl Loves Me” just seems right for the mountain somehow. It’s got a bobbing beat and some trippy effects. You definitely want to throw on some Blackstar when you’re hitting up a black diamond.

8. GRiz - “Good Times Roll”
Future funk master GRiZ teams up with Colorado’s own Big Gigantic for this funky favorite from GRiZ’s 2016 album Good Will Prevail. GRiZ has always been a Colorado favorite from Red Rocks to Telluride. Pretty much anything he does sounds good on the mountain.

9. Anderson .Paak - “Tints” feat. Kendrick Lamar
Two of the best rappers in the game team up on this funky jam. .Paak kicks the song off with the lyrics “I been feelin’ cooped up, cooped up/I’m tryin’ to get some fresh air.” Any skier or rider knows exactly how he feels.

10. Stevie Wonder - “I Wish”
The funk keeps rolling. This Stevie Wonder classic from his stellar album Songs in the Key of Life has a rolling beat that pushes you down the mountain. It’s also funky enough for the park. Any of Stevie's dancier stuff is perfect for the slopes.

11. Goldfinger - “Superman”
A skate punk classic. Goldfinger’s “Superman” screams boardsports but is great for skiers too. The blasting horns and up beat ska chucks will have you blazing turns in no time.

Check out our ski and snowboard playlist on Spotify below with some bonus songs to shred to!