Slipknot reveal live 'Vermilion' clip from 'Day of the Gusano'
Slipknot via Youtube

Slipknot gives fans another taste of their upcoming documentary, Day of the Gusano, with the newly released "Vermilion" performance clip. The video shows the band's electrifying performance of the Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) track in Mexico City. Watch it above.

Day of the Gusano, directed by Slipknot member M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan, the documentary follows the band on their first ever visit to Mexico in December 2015. Not only does the film feature their first performance in Mexico City, it also features exclusive interviews with band members. It also follows Slipknot's rabid fanbase in Mexico with many fans sharing stories about the importance of their music.

Speaking about the movie, Crahan says "Slipknot still has dreams for itself. Finally playing Mexico was one of them. It's been a surreal life of rock and roll for Slipknot and the fact that the dreams still go on for us is simply incredible. Thank you."

Day of the Gusano premieres in theaters around the world as a one-night-only event today (Sept. 6). Click here for screening locations.