Slipknot teaming up with Iowa haunted house, Slaughterhouse Haunted Attraction

Haunted houses and Slipknot go together like popcorn and butter.

It was only a matter of time before the Iowa-based heavy metal band would entertain the idea to open a haunted house, and in their home state of all places. According to Loudwire, Slipknot has teamed up with Slaughterhouse Haunted Attraction to open an exhibit that should scare the dickens out of anyone who dares enter.

But this isn’t a normal haunted house attraction, though. The exhibit will also act as a museum of sorts for the band, with the building stocked with memorabilia, decor, and themed actors that have played a prominent role in the group’s history.

In short, it will be a haunted house that will manifest all of the nightmares people dream of when they think about this band, which is scary and glorious at the same time. Slaughterhouse is being branded as the “ultimate nightmare come true,” and that slogan should not be treated as an understatement.

The announcement of the Iowa Slipknot attraction coincides with the announcement that the band will re-release All Hope Is Gone, the 2008 album that is widely considered to be the band’s best LP. Both the haunted house and the re-release of a metal classic shows just how potent the Slipknot brand continues to be.

The Slaughterhouse exhibit will run through October, and look for the re-release of All Hope Is Gone sometime later this year or in 2019.