Social Distortion blaze through 2017 tour and celebrate 27th anniversary of self-titled album

Maintaining musical relevancy while continuing a legacy is arguably one of the most challenging aspects about being in a prolific punk rock band.

The significance of the genre and its historical impact isn’t defined by the artists who can thrive for decades, but rather the ones who play their music at the right time and place. However, there are rare exceptions like Social Distortion, who are able to master both of those elements while expanding their fan base.

This month marks the band’s 27th year anniversary of their self-titled, third full-length album. The record was responsible for putting the band on the map in numerous ways, and today it remains their second best-selling record.  Singles like “Ball and Chain,” “Story of My Life,” and the band’s cover of Johnny Cash’sRing of Fire” received a great amount of radio play after the album dropped. Several television shows, video games and movies also featured songs from the album which helped give the band even more exposure to a mainstream audience. The band’s third LP has also been certified gold by the RIAA and is recognized as one of the most influential and significant projects the band has released thus far.

Founding frontman Mike Ness formed the band in late 1978 with longtime childhood friend Dennis Danell. Throughout the years Ness has remained the only original steady band member in the band’s ever-changing lineup. For nearly 40 years the band has consistently toured and recorded while routinely selling out major venues and selling more than 3 million records worldwide.

It has been six years since Social Distortion has released any new material; however, the band stays proactive by staying on the road and performing live regularly. Rumors and speculations revolving a potential eighth full-length studio album have surfaced since early 2011, but the band hasn’t confirmed anything yet. After taking a brief hiatus from touring, the group announced the news of a 2017 U.S. tour shortly after the beginning of the New Year. The tour consists of over 25 tour dates with a majority taking place in the band’s stomping grounds in California. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the band performed two shows in San Francisco.

The band will be making their way through the Mile High City and playing a series of shows in Colorado from March 29-31st..  Social Distortion will be performing at the Boulder Theater and the Ogden Theater for two nights before concluding their tour in Arizona, and finally returning back home to California. The upcoming tour dates will give fans and new listeners to the band alike a chance to see one of the most important and long lasting punk bands to ever exist. For more information on Social Distortion including tour dates, ticket information, music news and more visit their AXS page, their website or their Facebook.