'CousteauX' CD cover

'CousteauX' CD cover

Courtesy of CousteauX

Fans of the British pop noir band Cousteau have plenty to be excited about these days. After a long hiatus singer Liam McKahey and songwriter/instrumentalist Davey Ray Moor are back in action and now calling themselves CousteauX. The duo’s new self-titled album is set to drop digitally on Sept. 15 with CD and vinyl copies to follow on Sept. 22.

AXS is happy to exclusively premiere CousteauX cut “This Might Be Love” today as well as provide some commentary about the song directly from the band. Here’s what Moor has to say about “This Might Be Love.”

Davey Ray Moor: "This is a song caught in that first electric rush of anticipation as two people realize something powerful is beginning. It tries to capture that top-of-the-rollercoaster thrill when all kinds of possibilities rush your thoughts. It's a wee small hours song set in the present tense. Many of us have fallen in love, and this is all about that instant when your life changes forever. 

The song was inspired by British neo-folk artist Fink, with hints of Jacques Brel, and possibly by Pete Yorn's wonderful first solo album. The rippling, sleepwalking guitar is both urgent and hazy. Liam's voice captures a tender, vulnerable sense of trepidation and adventure, and baritone guitars inflect a Tex-Mex sense of expansive distance as our song characters head off into the unknown. This is a song about a point of departure some lucky people might recognize."

CousteauX will perform live Sept. 19 in London, England at The 100 Club (click here for tickets).

AXS also recently interviewed Moor, read that article here.

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