Sonic Youth announces archival collection of 'Daydream Nation'
0moretones / YouTube

One of the most successful underground alternative rock bands of the '80s is coming back with something special for their fans. Sonic Youth has a new archival collection about to hit stores in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of their seminal album Daydream Nation.

The band already had a huge underground following when they released their fifth album, Daydream Nation, in 1988. However, it was that album that introduced them to the mainstream music world. It was their first album to chart, peaking at 99th in the U.K., and led them on the path to fame in the U.S. 

Daydream Nation was the band's last indie recording before they signed with a major record label and was considered one of the top albums of 1988. The album was carried by the band's first hit single, "Teenage Riot."

In honor of the album's 30th anniversary, Sonic Youth will release both archival audio and video presentations with music from that album. Both will be available to download on and includes recordings from a 1988 concert at CBGB as well as a 2007 concert in Glasgow on video. Also available is a 2011 concert in Brooklyn.

Sonic Youth is also promoting Daydream Nation by selling a lot of merchandise, re-releasing test pressings of the album, and holding film events across the United States called "30 Years of Daydream Nation," based on the album.