Soul singer Danielle Alexa premiere's debut single 'Daydreams'
Giant Step

22 year-old soul-pop musician, Danielle Alexa, sings with the conviction of a seasoned veteran. Her talent became apparent to music industry heavyweight Guy Eckstine, who produced her debut single premiering exclusively with AXS, "Daydreams." Her first single features solid musicians, including a quartet, who are just as high caliber as Alexa. She is inspired by the suffering of humanity, especially in the LGBT community, of which she is a part of. 

Alexa will be releasing her debut album soon, featuring a cross-section of mixed grooves, with synth bass lines, funk and keyboards thrown in throughout her music. Her influences include Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan, The Gap Band and New Edition

It's no secret that Alexa wants you to feel what she's conveying in her lyrics and the emotional prowess. In a general press release, she mentions that she likes singing about the "suffering of humanity. " With her strong vocals and compelling lyrics, she definitely is portraying what she says.

In a recent press release reflecting on "Daydreams," she says that “’Daydreams’ was inspired by one of those sleepless nights where your mind drifts off into
a surreal no man's land.  You get taken along for a ride via your subconscious mind into yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s events,” states Alexa. “I would seemingly open my eyes only to see shadows and images of a fire dancing woman as I wandered through the urban maze, only to find myself daydreaming.”

Listen to the single in this premiere via the music box below. 

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