South Korean indie band Hyukoh to perform at Coachella 2019

K-pop has become a prominent genre in mainstream music on an international level. However, an indie rock band hailing from South Korea by the name of Hyukoh is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand musical acts across in the globe. The group consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Oh Hyuk,  guitarist Lim Hyun-jae, bassist Im Dong-geon, and drummer Lee In-woo was formed less than five years ago in May 2014.

Hyukoh's mainstream success came only a year later when the band appeared on the highly-popularized Korean variety show, Infinite Challenge, which boosted record sells of their second EP, 22,  into the top ten Billboard World Albums Chart two months after the project's release. Since then, the group has performed at a multitude of international festivals including the Strawberry Music Festival in Shanghai and Beijing and the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan during the summer of 2016. Now, in 2019, Hyukoh will be performing on one of America's most revered festival stages in the Coachella Music & Arts Festival taking place this upcoming April. 

Sonically, Hyukoh's musical content is very reminiscent of the indie rock scene stateside due to Oh Hyuk's multilingual ability. His articulation and inflection on specific syllables when singing in both English and Korean contain reminisces of western influence but yet remain loyal to the fanbases that helped the band rise to prominence in Korea and China. The group's simplistic approach to music production allows the group's music to have an authentic indie rock approach while mastering the aesthetic of the genre by working closely with photographer  Han Dasom, and videographer, Jung Dawoon. 

Now the band influenced by The Beatles has the opportunity to become just as their idols on that Coachella stage come April 12-21. With that said, check out the live music visuals of Hyukoh's "Gang Gang Schiele" in the video provided above and stick with AXS for all of your ticketing needs.