Spencer Chamberlain from Underoath discusses how he never thought the band would reunite, writing an album and more
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A few years ago, Spencer Chamberlain, the lead singer from the band Underoath thought there wasn't a possibility that the band would get back together. They had exhausted their friendship, business, touring and more, and the band that once called themselves a family were not even speaking to each other. 

"We got to the point where we didn’t even want to be friends anymore. We definitely didn’t want to make music together anymore. We didn’t want to share the stage together anymore. We just burnt ourselves so far out, being kids, and when things started going well—no one knows how to navigate that," Chamberlain told AXS in a recent interview. "But, also, on the business side, management, record labels—they didn’t know what to do with us. There wasn’t another band that sounded like us when it started to go well. No one really knew what to do, so we just kept going. No one knew if this music would last or how long this thing would last, and then we just got really burnt out. We were all going through so much individually and as a group we couldn’t communicate."

But then after years of self discovery and the bandmates going their individual ways, things changed and they decided to reunite, went on a world tour and decided to make a new record—but without restrictions or people telling them how they should do it. Now, eight years later, Underoath released another studio album called Erase Me, put their troubles behind them and released something that they never thought would be possible. 

"We kind of have this freedom now that we hadn’t had because we were always chasing safety," Chamberlain said. "I felt like a teenager again. We were in a room, making music that we want to hear and play that we had never heard before. We got to sit there and make sure every song, every moment was exactly what we wanted."

Since their reunion tour three years ago, Underoath had been teasing new music and finally released their first single and video in February titled "On My Teeth." Then after Erase Me was released in April of this year, the band decided to embark on a tour which just started in the beginning of November. The band is hitting all the major cities, including a stop at Los Angeles' Shrine Expo Hall on Nov. 9. 

"This (the tour) is the most production we’ve ever done. It’s the most songs we’ve ever played live," Chamberlain explain. "There’s more things happening in this set than there ever has at an Underoath show before. By that, I mean there are a lot of surprises, things that we’ve never done or tried to do. This one will be real special. It’s a little nerve wracking, it’s a lot going into it but it’s really cool and I am really proud. It’s going to be a show."

You can grab tickets to Underoath's upcoming show at the Shrine on Nov. 9 right here on AXS, where they will be playing with Dance Gavin Dance, Crown the Empire and The Plot In You. Check out other tickets to their shows around the U.S. here.

"I’ve never been more proud of myself and my friends in this band than I am now today," Chamberlain said. "The stuff that we’ve gone through, we’ve learned more and grown more in the last couple years since we got back together than our whole career before that. It’s cheesy to say, but it’s a beautiful thing. It’s almost surreal."