St. Vincent covers Rihanna and SZA collaboration 'Consideration'
Dandy Georgie / YouTube

St. Vincent remains one of the most interesting musicians working today, putting out critically acclaimed original work and also putting in the time to cover some of the most iconic musicians in history. Her latest cover song is a newer song, but it really shows how St. Vincent can put her own touch on music from just about any genre. This time around, the song is "Consideration" by Rihanna and SZA.

"Consideration" was originally a 2016 single by Rihanna and SZA from the diva's Anti album. Anti had four singles from the album, which itself hit number one on the Billboard 200. While "Consideration" was not one of the singles, it was one of 15 songs that charted from the album. "Consideration" reached fourth on the U.S. Dance Charts and 38th on the U.S. R&B Charts.

As for St. Vincent, this is just one of many cover songs that she has been recording recently, and they are all from different genres and eras. SHe also covered The Beatles' "All You Need is Love" (1967), the Clash's "London Calling" (1979) and Sleater-Kinney's "Modern Girl" (2006). With the new Rihanna song, St. Vincent has recorded covers from four different decades and four different genres.

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