Stardew Valley stole hearts and many hours when it first came out on PC in Feb. this year. Now it's out on console and well poised to take o

Stardew Valley stole hearts and many hours when it first came out on PC in Feb. this year. Now it's out on console and well poised to take over a new set of gamers lives. 

Screenshot Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley was pretty much guaranteed to be a fan favorite from the get-go. The game was made by one person, and it that labor of love status shows in the little details of the game.

With its release to PlayStation 4 on Dec. 13 Xbox One on Dec. 14, console players are now able to experience the addictive prowess of this game. Personally, I logged 95 hours...within a month when I first played the game. 

The game has a lot of content from farming to fishing and even dungeon crawling. It can be very easy to get sidetracked or miss some aspects of gameplay. Below are some tips on playing the game. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the elements of Stardew (that’s what Wiki pages are for). These are just tips that might not be obvious at first glance but are necessary.

Relationships do matter
It's very easy to get focused on farming and exploring the caves in Pelican Town, but relationships with the townsfolk are a key component to the game.

Chances are if you’re looking at this article you’re not opposed to some extra info while gaming. Utilize the wiki page to get more information on the villagers. There is a ton of helpful information there, including their favorite gifts and schedules.

Apparently, you can also “collect” mates, since the game now allows for more than one bf/gf.

Those worm things
I went a whole in-game year without figuring out what these things were. I thought they maybe had something to do with fishing. Use a hoe and dig them up to reveal various items, some are books that can be turned into the library.

Fishing kind of sucks
Fishing in Stardew is a game of patience, skill and a lot of frustration. Worry not, though, it will get better. Make sure to upgrade your pole Willy's Fish Shop and take a look at the tackle while you’re at it.

Upgrade your weapons
To the right of the mountain cave is the Adventurer’s Lodge. There you can purchase weapons and gear. When you’ve saved up some gold, make sure to check out their wares. You can heavily update your combat stats, and that’s really necessary the deeper you get in the mines.

Go to the pub on Friday nights
A lot of the townspeople will be at the pub on Friday night. This is a great opportunity to get some gift-giving done and catch up with some people that are hard to track down during the day.

Take your time
This game has so much to explore and do, don't worry so much about meeting objectives and conquering it all at once. Take time to enjoy building your farm and seeing the seasons change, it will only add to the experience of the game.