Steve Aoki releases new music video with Lil Yachty and AJR
Ultra Music / YouTube

Steve Aoki has a brand-new music video that just hit online. The song, "Pretender," is a collaboration with hip-=hop performer Lil Yachty and alternative pop band AJR. The song was originally performed on "Good Morning America" earlier in June and the video hit on June 6.

The video has Steve Aoki, the three guys from AJR nad Lil yachty all appearing in the video as well as other people who use social media to pretend to be something they are not. Examples of this include Lil Yachty pretending to smile and be happy while he is really down, as well as the fact he shoots the shot of him at a party in front of a green screen.

There are also some interesting scenes, such as a person who posts a photo of them on a scale to show they lost weight but they are actually sitting down and pretending. Another has a video posted of a hand with manicured nails reaching down and holding a masculine hand, only for it to show it is one person faking the status.

Director Tyler Yee created the video to show how people pretend to live great lives when it is not true.

The new song is for a yet-to-be announced album.