Stop thinking about tomorrow at this Fleetwood Mac-themed pop-up bar in Chicago
Classic Hits/YouTube

A neighborhood bar in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood his helping fans to embrace their inner Stevie Nicks witch this spring, with a recurring theme appropriately titled “Rhiannon: The Fleetwood Mac Pop-Up.” The pop-up bar was reported by Munchies earlier this week, and takes place at an already known establishment named The Rookery. Here, local drinkers and/or Fleetwood Mac fans can step into more of a mystic but semi-musical experience than what Chicago’s citizens are probably used to when it comes to grabbing some post-work beverages.

The candle-lit pop-up, which is open every weekend (Thursday - Sunday) until June 17, was apparently inspired by The Rookery’s owner, Amy Teri, whose first concert ever was, you guessed it - Fleetwood Mac. Customers and over-ambitious fans who want more of the gypsy spirit inside of them can try some of the event’s signature cocktails such as the "Crystal Visions," made up of champagne, edible glitter and color-changing rock sugar. Other Fleetwood-themed drinks to be served each weekend throughout the spring include the Landslide (tequila, pineapple-infused rum, coconut rum cream, and chocolate), the Black Magic Woman (activated charcoal, gin, and lychee liquor), the Songbird (rosé, Chareau, lime, soda) and the Go Your Own Way (sour and salty tequila-based cocktail), just to name a few. Regardless of whatever drink one chooses to consume at this classic rock-themed venue, drink enough of them and you’ll surely stop thinking about tomorrow.

Photos of the pop-up can also be seen below, and feature plenty of beads, crystals, black gypsy-like attire, candles, lace and of course, objects pertaining to witchcraft.

Sadly, this pop-up isn’t sponsored by the band, who probably have bigger issues to worry about following the firing of longtime guitarist and principal member, Lindsey Buckingham.

“Have your cards read by our resident tarot reader, and enjoy Fleetwood Mac inspired cocktails, such as Crystal Visions, Seven Wonders, and Gold Dust Woman, as we summon the spirit of the Celtic Moon Goddess Rhiannon for a night you will never forget,” it reads on the recurring event’s Facebook page.

For fans outside of the Chicago area, you’ll just have to wait until the band goes on tour this fall to experience all their musical witchery in person. Tickets to select shows on Fleetwood mac's North American 2018-2019 tour are on sale now and can be purchased by clicking here.