Stream Shane Tutmarc's new album 'Damaged Goods'
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He's been a frontman for two bands, a co-songwriter and producer, but now he's leading the way with his new album, Damaged Goods. Shane Tutmarc previously released his first solo album in 2009, and after making his home in Nashville a year later (2010), he began working a new direction for his solo sound, releasing another solo album, with a series of singles, that have turned into a full album with Damaged Goods. The album name resulted from the sum of the fourteen songs featured on the album as a whole. 

This is Tutmarc's third full full-length album, featuring eleven singles he released in 2015, three new tracks, and have a new polishing on them. In a general press statement he says that Damaged Goods is essentially "a band of misfits and loners. Songs that refused to conform to the given production/songwriting style du jour. But they were also songs that stubbornly refused to be forgotten, and fought to stand on their own. A third of these songs date back nearly a decade, a third somewhere between Shouting at a Silent Sky and Borrowed Trouble, and a third were written more recently, including the title-track, which was just committed to tape earlier this year.  What connects them all is this common bond of not fitting in with the crowd, and that's why this is my favorite album I've ever made. If you like what I do at all, you'll never get bored, I can promise you that!"

Take a listen to Damaged Goods in the music box below. Catch Shane on his website, Facebook, and Twitter.