StubHub Center makes for intimate NFL football experience like none other
Andre Contreras

This past weekend, the Los Angeles Chargers took on the New Orleans Saints at the StubHub Center in Carson, Calif. Though the outcome of this preseason game isn't necessarily what Chargers fans were hoping for, the experience, on the other hand, has few comparisons. This is because the 27,000 seat capacity StubHub Center is one of the most intimate experiences any NFL fan will ever have in watching a game live. 

NFL fans are used to seeing games in large capacity stadiums where often times one may wonder if things would have been better off watching the game in the comfort of one's home. Not so with the StubHub Center. This stadium offers an up-close experience from every angle and every seat. It takes a moment to realize that one is actually watching real players moving before the eye rather than on a flat screen television. Every whistle, clash of the helmets and most importantly, cheers of the fans reverberate throughout the stadium.

With such a unique experience to offer, now seems like an excellent time for fans to enjoy games with family and friends. The Los Angeles Chargers will call the StubHub Center home for the next three years. During this time, fans will be delighted to experience the game live and personal in a way seldom ever experienced. 

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