Styx enters orbit with new video for 'Radio Silence'

It seems like we're getting closer and closer to manned missions to Mars becoming a reality in our lifetime, so of course, we should start thinking about what albums we would take along for the ride. Luckily, classic rock legends, Styx, have your galactic rock cravings covered with their new album, The Mission

This concept album explores the idea of humans traveling to Mars while blending all the theatrical rock and roll elements that made Styx the classic rock legends they are today. According to a press release, a scientist named Dr. Tony Phillips, along with his students, attached a copy of The Mission to a weather balloon that was then launched into space. The weather balloon made it up to roughly 111,000 feet before it popped and plummeted back down to earth. Thankfully a tiny camera had been attached to the weather balloon, so this entire ride was captured on a video lasting over 3 hours.

The guys from Styx had the footage time-lapse edited and made into the band's new music video for "Radio Silence." The Mission is the first full-length studio album from Styx since 2003's Cyclorama and it was released on June 16.