Sufjan Stevens shares new video for 'Life with Dignity'
Sufjan Stevens/YouTube

Singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens has shared yet another release from his Greatest Gift mixtape, this time in the form of a music video--plus a remix.

The song, "Life with Dignity," is a remix of "Death with Dignity" by Helado Negro. The emotional, moving video follows three different cancer patients of different ages as they live with the disease, whether it's going through their day-to-day lives with their families and friends or going through cancer treatments.

"All are facing cancer in very different stages, and facing it in different ways, but each is living their life with dignity," the video's page on Asthmatic Kitty Records says.

 Proceeds from the sale of The Greatest Gift will benefit the Cancer Support Community, which helped find the people for the video.

"Life with Dignity" is the second video released from The Greatest Gift, the first being a stop-motion video for the song of the same name.

The Greatest Gift is a collection of outtakes, remixes, and demos from Stevens' 2015 album Carrie & Lowell. It stands as a companion piece to the original album, as well as a live version of the album released last year. Previously released songs from the mixtape include a demo of "John My Beloved" and outtake "Wallowa Lake Monster," one of four on the album. The Greatest Gift is out now.

Stevens has also shared a number of other songs and videos recently, including the new song "Tonya Harding" and "Call Me by Your Name" soundtrack contributions "Visions of Gideon" and "Mystery of Love," both on the shortlist for Best Original Song this year's Academy Awards.