Super Bowl Halftime playlist: Listen to songs from all the artists who have played the big game

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the modern Super Bowl Halftime Show. We can thank Fire Marshall Bill.

In 1993, fearing a counter-programming stunt like the special live episode of "In Living Color" broadcast the year before by the upstart Fox Television Network that siphoned off millions of viewers, the producers of the Super Bowl decided to try out a "live concert" format for their halftime show, which had previously been relegated to college-style performances from either marching bands and/ or aging rock stars. To avoid another ratings embarrassment, they knew they had to book a big name.

And in 1993, few names were bigger than Michael Jackson.

The larger-than-life spectacle, replete with elaborate pyrotechnics, complex staging cues and MJ's second-to-none choreography and charisma, set the standard that all subsequent Super Bowl Halftime Shows would follow. From that moment on, only the biggest artists in the world would be worthy of the Super Bowl stage.

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In honor of the 25th anniversary of the modern Super Bowl Halftime Show, we've put together a playlist of some of the songs performed at halftime of the big game. Although this doesn't include all of the artists who have performed over the past quarter century (several of the shows were collaborations or included guest appearances), it still provides a solid overview of the many stars who have graced the Super Bowl stage.

Soundtrack your Super Sunday with the Spotify playlist embedded below, and keep it here on for plenty more Super Bowl coverage.