T.S.O.L. announces 2019 performance at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco

Long Beach, California is the birthplace of some of the most impactful bands in all of music, but none of them might have reached the longevity of the legendary collective known as T.S.O.L. Originally forming back in 1978, T.S.O.L was a punk band unified by members of former musical acts including The Abortions, SS Cult, and Johnny Koathanger. The original members included vocalist Jack Grisham, guitarist Ron Emory, bassist Mike Roche, and drummer Todd Barnes. 

After quickly finding success in the '80s punk scene the group did hit several snags that led to a revolving door of members entering and exiting the band at a rapid rate. In 1983, frontman singer, Jack Grisham, was replaced by his then brother-in-law, Joe Wood, as the band's lead vocalist. Things got even messier as a Grisham-led T.S.O.L and a Wood-led rendering of T.S.O.L would perform the same music, sometimes in the same city. Eventually, the original Grisham-led T.S.O.L would win the legal battle that would eliminate Wood from further using the band's name. 

Unfortunately, the original drummer, Todd Barnes passed away of a brain aneurysm in Dec. 1999 and was replaced a multitude of times before the band revealed that they were officially splitting up in 2006. However, T.S.O.L ended up reuniting the following year and has released two studio albums since reassembling. 

Despite all of the turmoil and adversity all of the members of T.S.O.L endured throughout their extensive careers, the one quality that made the collective unlike any other band out there was their willingness to experiment with different sounds and subgenres of punk. At one point, T.S.O.L was goth rock, at another point hardcore, at another glam metal, at another deathrock. The fact that T.S.O.L remained unpredictable and experimental without concern for mainstream bias makes them a legendary Long Beach staple. 

And now, T.S.O.L is coming together once again for a one-time performance in San Francisco, California at the Great American Music Hall on April 4 alongside bands like The Dwarves, Decent Criminal, and The Memphis Murder Men (Tickets). Tickets for the one-off live show will be available for purchase on Feb. 7 at 10 a.m. and can be purchased, here

Be sure to check T.S.O.L and friends out at the Great American Music Hall on April 4. Also, check out one of T.S.O.L's newer singles in "I Wanted To See You" in the video link provided above. And lastly, stick with AXS for all of your ticketing needs.