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Taeyang, member of popular K-Pop group Big Bang came full circle since he first performed at the Theater at Madison Square Garden back in 2006 with the YG Family Tour.  Now over ten years later, he’s back for his first solo tour in the United States and a new album White Night.  The fans crowded into the theater and waited for the man of the hour to come on stage.

The anticipation was at a climax as the introduction song finished playing and the stage screen opened up to reveal Taeyang, donning silver hair and a head-to-toe white outfit, as he went straight into the high energy "Ringa Linga."  The audience was immediately hyped as everyone sang and danced along.  The excitement and energy remained high with the next two songs, "Body" and "Superstar," both showcasing amazing choreography from both Taeyang and his backup dancers.  After a short interlude video, Taeyang returned to the stage to sing "Wake Me Up," a song off of his newly released album, as he was surrounded by his dancers and bright colorful flowers swirled in the background.  The slightly subdued mood continued with "Only Look At Me" and the legendary crowd favorite "Wedding Dress." 

Taeyang took a short break to greet the audience and reminisce about the times he performed in New York as well as to talk about his new album before launching into "Amazin’."  Throughout the entire show, Taeyang showed off his impressive dance moves as he effortlessly glided across the stage, oozing confidence and swagger.  Fans waved their arms in the air for "1AM" and enjoyed solo performances from the backing band after Taeyang left the stage.

Taeyang returned to the stage sporting a jacket full of feathers to sing "Naked," another song off of his new album.  Continuing with the sexy vibe, Taeyang danced around in red lights and lasers as he sang "So Good."  "I Need A Girl" slowed things down a bit, but the intensity of the crowd only increased as he exhibited copious amounts of charm and talent, and everyone sang along.  After a few more songs and another interlude video, Taeyang returned to the stage.  "Tonight" and "Love You To Death" followed, bathed in dramatic lighting and a full-on rocker vibe that allowed Taeyang to captivate the audience and transition into "Last Dance," a song from Big Bang’s MADE album.  Taeyang sang the song beautifully even without his fellow band members while he played the keyboard and the audience crooned along.  The last song of the set was "Darling."  Knowing that the concert was coming to an end, the audience gave it their all to sing along before Taeyang left the sage.

Fans immediately started cheering for an encore and Taeyang reciprocated by bursting back onto the stage with "Break Down."  The encore continued with "Good Boy" which got everyone out of their seats dancing.  Taeyang continued dancing around the stage for "Stay With Me" after which he thanked the dancers, backing band, staff, and audience for a great show.  As Taeyang said his goodbyes and started to exit the stage, he turned around and asked if the audience wanted him to sing another song and to everyone’s surprise the music started back up and Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang" began to play.  If anyone had remained sitting till then it was a matter of seconds before that all changed: the audience waved their fists in the air and danced along with the choreography in unison.  The theater burst with energy with an undeniable party atmosphere as he continued on to "Fantastic Baby" and wandered close to the audience to get everyone even more riled up.  After joking with the audience, the final song of the night and arguably his most popular song was "Eyes, Nose, Lips."  Fans sang passionately along as they knew the concert was truly coming at its close.

Time and time again, whether it is preforming solo or as 1/5 of Big Bang, Taeyang proves once again that he is a force to be reckoned with in the pop world.  A true showman, he excels in singing and dancing while giving a truly enjoyable performance to fans—old and new.     


Set List

Introduction: White Night

Ringa Linga



Wake Me Up

Only Look At Me

Wedding Dress




So Good

I Need A Girl   

Empty Road  



Love You To Death

Last Dance



Break Down

Good Boy

Stay With Me

Bang Bang Bang

Fantastic Baby

Eyes, Nose, Lips