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  • Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey will be perfroming at the City Grove of Anaheim on Feb. 18

    Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey carry on the legacy of Peter, Paul and Mary at the City National Grove of Anaheim

    Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey were two-thirds of the legendary folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary who came to prominence during the folk renaissance of the early 1960s. Standouts in the heady New York folk scene, the group became famous for songs like “Puff, the Magic Dragon” and their cover of Bob...
  • Kenny G and Weezer team up for one of the most interesting collaborations in their respective careers

    From Warren G to Weezer: Kenny G's most surprising collaborations

    Kenny G has been a lot of things during his long career. Multi-instrumentalist. King of the adult contemporary radio waves. Fledgling comedian. The bearer of hair locks that all men aspire to emulate. And, perhaps surprisingly, he’s been an adventurous and open-minded collaborator. Outside of his...
  • Smooth with the jokes: 5 of Kenny G's most hilarious moments

    Smooth with the jokes: 5 of Kenny G's most hilarious moments

    Though it may have started off "cool," cool jazz and its spawn, smooth jazz has been a long-running pop culture punchline. The genre’s unobtrusive qualities and its failure to excite or subvert the wider musical culture makes smooth jazz the antithesis of cool, radical’s archnemesis. The funny thing...
  • Kenny G to visit City National Grove of Anaheim this March

    Kenny G to visit City National Grove of Anaheim this March

    He’s saxy and he knows it. Prolific saxophonist Kenny G will bring his striking sounds to Southern California audiences at the City National Grove of Anaheim this March. Known for his energetic stage presence, distinctive tones and impressive mane of curls, the woodwind virtuoso enchants fans of...
  • Common Kings will release their debut full-length album Lost in Paradise on Feb. 3. 

    Interview: Common Kings on perfecting the good vibes

    When asked about his band’s forthcoming LP, Common Kings bassist Ivan Kirimaua jokes it's “something new, something fresh, something hip!” Although they may not be chasing those designations deliberately, the rising pop-reggae outfit has certainly honed in on "something" distinctly catchy.  Hailing...
  • Us The Duo do the top hits of 2016.

    Watch Us The Duo's top hits of 2016 in three minutes

    Us The Duo is back with their bread and butter: the top hits of 2016 in three minutes. The husband and wife pop team cleverly open up the YouTube video with some theatrics. The Alvarados cruise into frame with teacups, Carissa then spills on Michael. This playfully leads into the “Look what you’ve...
  • Jerry Seinfeld is but one of the many celebrities Cesar Millan has helped

    5 celebrities who have turned to Cesar Millan for help with their dogs

    Bad dogs happen to good people. Even celebrities. Over the course of his remarkable career, the “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan has helped countless people discover how to have a better relationship with their dogs. That includes some of the biggest celebrities from the worlds of comedy, music...
  • Us The Duo were the first artists to sign to a major label due to their presence on Vine.

    Us The Duo's top 10 Vine covers

    While the video sharing site Vine may be shutting down, it is important to remember that the site launched the careers of artists that have gone on to have great success. While pop star guy with a guitar Shawn Mendes might come to mind, what you might not know is that the first Vine artists to sign...
  • 5 classic WAR songs to help us through these turbulent times

    5 classic WAR songs to help us through these turbulent times

    In the late '60s and early '70s, the music of WAR -- “the original afro cuban jazz rock blues band” -- got America through some very tough times. It still can. For those just waking up from hibernation, it’s a difficult and divisive time in America in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential victory...
  • Us The Duo will be coming to the City National Grove of Anaheim Feb. 2.

    Us The Duo to bring their 'Just Love' tour to the City National Grove of Anaheim in 2017

    From Vine stars to major label artists and back to indie darlings, Us The Duo has always forged their own path. 2016 saw the intrepid husband and wife team hit the road with Pentatonix before independently releasing their Nashville recorded third full-length, Just Love.  Michael and Carissa Alvarado...
  • Cesar Millan will bring his live-action dog training show to the City National Grove of Anaheim in Anaheim, California on Jan. 13. 

    Cesar Millan to showcase canine tips and tricks at live Anaheim show

    Dog lovers, overwhelmed pet owners and/or those just looking for a great show: canine behavior expert Cesar Millan is coming to teach you his "dog whisperer" ways. With a calm demeanor and keen intuition, the “Cesar 911” host, author and philanthropist has helped numerous clients tackle stressful...
  • WAR will perform at the City National Grove of Anaheim on Dec. 30. 

    War to wrap 2016 on a funky note with Anaheim show

    Don’t let their name fool you: the band War is all about peace, positivity and the power of pulsing music. The legendary crossover band will bring their effortless fusion of rock, jazz, Latin, and R&B to Southern California audiences at a special Dec. 30 show in Anaheim. With songs that feel as...

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